DBFACT Integration

An extensive integration with DBFACT is available in TeamPlayer.  This is defined on different levels.

Initial import


When starting the TeamPlayer integration with DBFACT, a lot of tables must be imported.  In general, these tables don't change, or do not change much.  

This import is started manually, by choosing in the menu the right table, and clicking there on 'import'.

The following information is imported:

  1. Article Groups: once these are imported, you can indicate per group whether they must be imported as service articles or not. By default, a group is NOT indicated to be imported for the service articles. Per Article group, the following information is imported:
    1. Article group description: the description of the group in DBFACT 
    2. Article group reference: The code is imported as PRC + the group code from DBFACT. this code must all ways be unique
    3. Import: to define whether this group of articles must be imported from DBFACT for the service articles.  By default, this option is set to 'no'. 
  2. Zipcodes: the zipcodes are imported, especially to indicate the regions where an address belongs to. Per zipcode, you can indicate the region as
    1. Zipcode: numerical value of Belgian postcal code
    2. Locality: location of the postal code 
    3. Region: also imported from DBFACT. Don't change these regions in TeamPlayer, as they are re-imported each time the import is issued. 
  3. Service Articles: for te description of the information that is imported from the service articles, see the separate page in the concepts of the helpfile. 
  4. Tp Order Group: (also named service group): contains the different sorts as existing in DBFACT.  When this one imported, new sorts are automatically added, existing are automatically updated (like the descriptions), but removed groups are NOT automatically removed in TP. 

Follow-up import


In order to be able to register articles in the follow-up, there is a separate import from DBFACT.  In this case, there has to be made an export in DBFACT (automatically or manually), and a separate import in TeamPlayer.

  • Articles are being imported 
  • Several barcodes are being imported 

TeamPlayer Order Import


This imports the Customer orders, service reports and helpdesk cases.

See separate concept pages to know which information is updated in the TeamPlayer Orders coming from the service reports, customer orders etc.