Installation Requirements for Teamplayer


Teamplayer uses Microsoft © technology to optimise its processes. TeamPlayer requires

  • IIS version 7 or higher
  • SQL Server Express (if no dashboards are used)
  • SQL Server Standard (with analysis services, needed for the dashboards)
  • The infrastructure takes care of the back-ups for the SQL Server and IIS
  • IIS and SQL Server must be part of the same Active Directory
  • The internet connection has a a fixed IP in order to make sure that the app can connect to the IIS.
  • Preferably, a secure connection can be created with an SSL tunnel and an SSL Certificate, connected to the internet connection (https)


SQL Server

  • An saTeam user is created to make the connection between the IIS server and the SQL Server. This user makes part of the SQL Server local users (does not has to be part of the Active Directory is the windows client in which all functionality of TeamPlayer is available.


Teamplayer connection to Sage DBFACT

If you are also using Sage DBFACT © in collaboration with Teamplayer, the servers must be able to access directly the database of DBFACT (where the DBFACT company dossier resides).

The share must have the necessary rights in order to connect (read/write to the database)


TeamPlayer app on iPhone

  • iPhone 6 or higher
  • IOS 10 or higher
  • Mobile internet available


TeamPlayer app on Android

  • Android 6 or higher
  • Mobile internet available
  • Some Android versions may be manufacturer biased. Please take into consideration that it is important to test these versions prior to production usage.



Practical support

In order to assist the customer in a practical way, and in order to be able to update the TeamPlayer software or make changes to the parametrization, a user is created in the Active Directory

  • Username: adminTeamplayer
  • Pswd: <to be determined>
  • Rights: local admin rights to the server where SQL and IIS is installed